Video 1.  Interviews are conducted in this video on a busy street in Atlanta, Georgia.
It demonstrates that racism is still alive and present in today's society.  A few of the
individuals interviewed touch on subjects such as stereotypes and the in-group
versus the out-group.

Video 2.  This video discusses the frequency of racial tensions in high schools
throughout the United States by showing the incidences of one school. 
Many students complain of discrimination, stereotypes, racial jokes, and
blatant acts of hate.

Video 3. This video was made by students, interviewing other students in their
high school.  The video discusses the in-group versus the out-group.  Racial
names, jokes, and stereotypes.

Video 4: This is a video clip from the movie "Crash". This woman has the locks changed that night, but wants them changed again in the morning because of who is changing them. She believes that because the man changing their house locks is Hispanic, has tattoos, and a shaved head he is in a gang and will sell their keys to one of his 'homies.' It represents our topic of discrimination and racism because the woman makes a judgment about the man changing her locks based on nothing more than a stereotype.

Video 5: This is a repeat of Dr. Kenny and Dr. Mamie Clark's doll study on race relations.  It shows the reactions to schoolgirls who were asked which doll was the "good doll" and which was the "pretty doll". Girls and boys are questioned about which dolls they liked best and their reasonings.

Video 6: This is a clip from Gangland on the History Channel. In this video skinheads admit to their racist crimes.  This video shows how real racism and discrimination is in our world today.

Video 7.  Hillary Clinton was asked whether or not the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, which was implemented during her husband's presidential term, was a mistake.  She mentions that this policy does discriminate but later says that it was not a mistake.

Video 8.  This video discusses that homosexuals are not targeted for murder in Iraq.  Prejudices and discrimination was the first step, but the intolerance has now led to murder.  Many gays are terrified of expressing their true feelings because the government will punish them by death.